Fat Burn/Weight Mangement & Detox

Fat Burn/Weight Management

We offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to fat burn/weight management that draws from the wisdom of Eastern Medicine. Our tailored treatments to your needs help you to achieve your ideal weight/ flat belly. Our treatments combines traditional herbal remedies, fat burn acupuncture, the power of electromagnetic infrared heat/light therapy, therapeutic cupping, and detoxification techniques to create a customized plan to your desired results. Our approach reflects your holistic balance by promoting not just weight loss, but overall health and vitality. Discover a natural and effective way to shed extra fats/pounds and start a healthier, happier routine.


  • You can experience a gentle cleansing and rejuvenation of your body through the detox treatment.
  • By concentrating on specific spots along the meridians and utilizing adjunct techniques, we help the body flush out accumulation or toxins, promote improved circulation, and restore its natural equilibrium.
  • Someone who experiences emotional distress, stress, hormonal disorders, excessive body fat, smoking, drinking, regular medications, drugs, chemicals, and contaminated environments. These conditions include chronic fatigue, chronic constipation or diarrhea, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic illnesses, skin disorders, chronic indigestion, etc.
  • Detoxification of the organs and the blood improves metabolism, QI circulation, and metabolism.

    Charcoal detox
  • A unique method of detoxifying the body by employing a homemade charcoal paste, cleansing the body of poisons like nicotine, pollution, metals, pigments, food additives, akin allergies, and other toxins. Benefits for GI and GYN issues, among others, are additional.
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