Safflower Seed Pills


Safflower Seed Pills


For Vascular & bone health

  • Rich in Linoleic acid /polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid (good for Heart Health)
  • Reducing the blood cholesterol level
  • Improving blood circulation/blood pressure
  • Anti-aging
  • Bone/ brain health
  • Improving Yang energy in the body
  • Good for diet/ weight loss / skin care
  • Osteoporosis/ joint pain
  • Improving Diabetes by balancing insulin level in the body
  • Irregular menstruation


  • Great benefits for broken/ fractured bones, cracked bones, and osteoporosis
  • Korean safflower seed as the best quality
  • Kim Il-hoon considered safflower seeds, bamboo salt, and wild ginseng to be the three great divine medicines and said that they were the best for increasing longevity.
  • You can drink safflower seed powder as a tea, or if you have broken bone, lightly roast safflower seeds, grind the into powder, and drink them with strong ginger tea for quick results


Excessive amount of intakes can drain too much from the body & include uterine contractions in pregnant women to facilitate labor

Quantity – 1 lb
Keep it at a cool temperature
Take 15-20, 2-3 times/day
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Safflower Seed PillsSafflower Seed Pills
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