Gong Jin Dan (Energy Ball)


Gong Jin Dan (Energy Ball)

Invigorating blood, original Qi  (dizzy, pale complexion, dark vision)
  • Restores the original Qi/ true Qi
  • Restores the function of the Liver, Kidneys, and Spleen
  • Strengthens the blood
  • Revitalizes the body/ wellness
  • Anti-aging
  • Disease prevention
  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness/insomnia
  • Declined Liver function due to excessive stress/drinking
  • Mental clarity for students/brain workers
  • Foggy brain/low energy
  • In the recovery after major illnesses/surgeries
  • Athletes’ concentration/performance enhancement
One of the 3 great elixir;  Donguibogam by Heo Joon:

“Despite a congenital weakness, Gong Jin Dan helps to strengthen the heavenly Qi by preventing  naturally from getting thousands of illnesses.”

Originated in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)

One of the 3 great elixirs along with Gyeong Ok Go and Cheong Shim won.  Complied by the famous Yuan Dynasty physician Yue Yanlin in the medical  literature, 세의득효방(世醫得效方) , handed down through five generations of  his family. It was presented to the imperial court and named the “Emperor’s Elixir.”

Modern Studies
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Immuno-modulatory
  • Anti-depressant
  • Improving leaning ability and memory

Regular: She Xiang, Lu Rong, Dang gui, Shan zhu yu, Shu Di Huang, Ginseng

Shan Shen: She Xiang, Lu Rong, Dang gui, Shan zhu yu, Shu Di Huang, Wild Ginseng, Shan Shen


Keep at cool temperature or refrigerate


Take 1-2 /day as needed, empty stomach, with warm water/tea/drink. If refrigerated, take out 30min before taking it.


Modern Chinese medicine has shown that taking GongjinDan can improve learning and memory in animal studies. In a 2016 study published in Flos One, an international journal published online by the U.S. Public Library of America, researchers at Daejeon National University College of Oriental Medicine fed rats GongjinDan for 10 days and injected them five times every other day into the abdominal cavity with a drug that impairs spatial learning (scopolamine, which interferes with the action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine). The rats were then trained to find and eat food in a maze, and their learning and memory abilities were measured.

The results showed that the group of rats that received the GongjinDan more than doubled their ability to navigate the food maze and tripled their time to remember that “entering a dark room causes an electric shock.” The hippocampus of the GongjinDan group produced twice as much brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF, NGF), which is important for the formation of new learning and memories. Brain nerve cells that had shrunk in the hippocampus regenerated after administration of GongjinDan. This study is considered to be the first scientific demonstration of the mechanism by which GongjinDan increases brain nerve growth factor in hippocampal tissue, which is critical for new learning and memory formation.

In Donguibogam, GongjinDan is prescribed for those with Liver def. for the symptoms of tingling & numbness in the back and legs, pale complexion, muscle flabbiness, and dark vision.

Modern studies in Effectiveness of Gong Jin Dan: https://brunch.co.kr/@chuckchuna/21


Regular, Shan Shen/Shexiang


10, 20+ contact us

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Gong Jin DanGong Jin Dan (Energy Ball)
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